Convert ICO online is an online tool used to convert PNG or JPG images to ICO. The tool is very simple to use. You can use this tool to convert any icon or image into ICO. is also the best online tool for creating favicons for websites. Convert ICO is being used by a large number of users because they know this is the best tool for converting image into ICO file, for website favicon or Windows applications. 

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Convert PNG to ICO Online


ICO is an image file format for icons in Windows. Many of you must be thinking that this is new feature Introduced in Microsoft Windows. But you will be surprised to know that this feature was first introduced in 1985 in Windows 1. In Windows 1 the icons were monochrome but in Windows 3.0, introduced in 1990, support for sixteen colors was introduced. In Windows 1 icons were 32*32 pixels and in Windows XP there are 48*48 pixels icons and can be as large as 256*256 pixels.  Windows XP included support for 16.7 million colors.

Mac users use .ICNS file format for icons and ICO file format in Windows is used for the exactly same purpose. .ICO file has a great importance from the web design point of view. When you open a website in your web browser you see a small website logo next to the URL in the address bar of your web browser. You too can create that small logo using an .ICO file. This is the main purpose of using .ICO file.

What is PNG?


PNG stands for Portable Network Graphics. Basically PNG is a file format. You must have heard about GIF which is commonly used in Web ad banners. In GIF there are different images presented in a particular order.  PNG was created to replace GIF.  GIF, owned by Unisys, is perhaps the first name that comes to mind when we talk about lossless image compression formats. Users are free to make and send GIF files but there are some licensing issues which prevent them to develop software that builds GIF images. This is the reason PNG was created in 1996.

PNG is better than GIF in a number of ways. For instance

  • In PNG the degree of transparency is controllable.

  • You can tune the image in terms of color brightness

  • You can save images using true color.

  • An image in PNG file is ten to thirty percent more compressed than in a GIF format.

There are tools available such as Java, Flash used for the same purpose as PNG but the best thing about PNG is that it is easy to use for common users.

Convert PNG to ICO


You can use to make your icons and generate favicons. Convert ICO is an easy to use online tool. You simply have to click the browse button on the screen then select the image from your computer and click the open button. You can also choose the size of your choice from the options 16*16, 32*32 and 48*48. 

Convert ICO



Favicon has many names such as favorite icon, bookmark icon, tab icon etc. Basically a file containing small icons associated with a specific website is called favicon. Sometimes when you bookmark a website, your Internet browser associates a specific icon with the website you bookmark.

Favicon - Convert ICO

Your Internet browser uses one of the following two ways to get that specific icon.

  • Requests for favicon.ico

  • Get the icon from the root directory of your website

In some browsers the icon is displayed beside the website name in the favorites menu. Favicons are displayed in Bookmarks and tabs of most of the Web browsers such as Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari. Remember if your Internet browser fails to obtain favicon.ico it will use the default icon for the bookmark. Convert PNG to ICO, Convert JPG to ICO,Convert GIF to ICO, Convert Image to ICO, Convert Picture to ICO, Convert Photo to ICO Favicon file format.